5 Important factors to know about transporting chemicals

Transporting chemicals can be harmless but some chemicals are hazardous. These hazardous chemicals require planning, care, and expertise to transport them. We’ve put together a list of 5 important factors about transporting chemicals.

Know which chemicals are classified as hazardous

Many chemicals have the potential to cause harm to the environment, property and living things. Before transporting chemicals it’s important to know which chemicals are classified as hazardous. 

State regulations on transporting hazardous goods

There are state regulations and codes that need to be adhered to when transporting hazardous chemicals. The National Road Traffic Act, 1996 makes transporting, receiving and consigning on hazardous goods an offense if not done as prescribed in the National Road Traffic Regulations. There are also the South African National standards to consider as they provide code measures on the transportation of chemicals and hazardous goods. 


Transporting some chemicals requires a specific permit. Hazardous chemicals cannot be transported without the proper documentation which needs to be approved before the goods can be transported. This ensures the safety of the chemicals being transported, the personnel transporting them and all the surrounding elements. 


Chemicals that are to be transported need to be appropriately packaged for transportation. This also requires the identification of the chemicals and their classification. 

Driver training 

Driver training is crucial to ensuring the proper transportation of chemicals. This training should focus on how to react and how to deal with an accident or small incidents. They should know how to ensure the safe transportation of these chemicals before being allowed to transport hazardous chemicals.

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