Abnormal Transportation

Abnormal transportation is tricky to get from A to B, whether large construction projects or heavy machinery these loads require specialists – these loads require Absolute Logistics. As certain vehicles cannot legally be moved on certain roads under the National Road Traffic Act, larger loads that will take up more than a single lane require a special permit. This permit allows larger vehicles on the road, guided by traffic officers, for a limited period of time.

Items carried under the title of abnormal transportation and loads are usually either machines, equipment or parts intended for large scale construction, needing specialists to transport them to and from site. With the range of industries present in South Africa there is a wide need for the transportation of abnormal loads.

Absolute Logistics specialises in the transportation of abnormal goods throughout South Africa, as well as to other parts of Southern Africa. Boasting a new fleet of high quality, low bed vehicles and expendables catering for loads of all sizes up to 100 tonne, we can handle any load with care. From mining equipment going up North to agricultural assets around the country this type of transportation allows for industries to thrive and Absolute Logistics is proud to be a part of this great process.

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