Arms and Ammunition Transport

When transporting firearms in any situation, whether by freight or private with an airline, there are certain rules and regulations to be upheld. Not only must the firearms be packed in an appropriate, lockable firearm containers or cases when handed over, but they must also be accompanied by the correct licencing and documentation –when regarding large amounts of firearms, you should always consult your provider and consider what is the best packing and shipping option are available to you. Arms and Ammunition should be kept separately from firearms and packed in the correct containers.

The transportation company itself also needs licensing and the right level of facility to transport arms and ammunition. This will include a variety of paperwork depending on whether the final destination is local or international. During the acceptance process at the appropriate firearm desk, the following will be conducted:

  • The owner of the firearm will be required to produce a valid license or temporary import permit for the firearms and ammunition.

  • The owner of the firearms will be required to make and declare the firearms safe and unloaded for carriage.

  • The owner of the firearm will be required to complete a firearm register for handover to security staff, who will ensure the secure handling of these items.


  • No automatic, semi-automatic firearms or military weapons are allowed

  • No firearms for self-defence allowed

  • Only one firearm per calibre allowed

  • Under South African Firearms and Ammunition Laws a certain amount of rounds of ammunition will be allowed per firearm calibre.

  • No handguns may be imported to South Africa without the necessary prior obtained permits

  • Person must be 21 years and older to enable them to import a firearm to South Africa

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