Chemical Transport

Chemical transportation in South Africa is a strict business to be in, from the highest quality units and machines to premium quality storage facilities and trained, professional staff. Because of the dangerous nature of chemical transport and the potential threat to nature, rules and regulations are strict, and we must be stricter.

As a leader in chemical transport part of our extensive service offering is to design a range of solutions to a variety of potential problems. With a long, successful history in the industry we have perfected the art of special freight like chemical and arms. With the right equipment and the right team we have the ability to lead the industry forward in excellence as well as innovation. Not only safely transporting a range of materials, but also doing so with the environment and community in mind.

With a thorough understanding of the needs of the market we have the logistical capability of handling a wide range of client needs. With a wide range of industries needing chemical transportation across the country, this potentially hazardous load must be handled with care and professionalism at every turn. With experienced hands and the right machines for the job, Absolute Logistics can facilitate a number of projects from the transportation of solvents to petrol and diesel, as well as oils, alcohols and more.

Absolute Logistics (PTY) TLD
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