Container Hire

Container hire in South Africa is a specialised service that can cater to a number of needs. Whether shipping or storage, long-term or short, these high quality container options from Absolute Logistics give you peace of mind when renting out a container.

A container is mostly used in shipping and freight, used to transport goods from one place to another. While many are seen daily used for corporate needs, private shipping is also used frequently. Hiring out a container, whether for long distance shipping or simply for storage allows for a large space within which you can store what you need. Capable of managing a number of loads, Absolute Logistics boasts high quality service offerings that let you rest easy knowing your hired container is in good hands. A dream to use when shipping your own item, it can work out a lot cheaper than having an external company handle your freight movements. With the container in your name and under your control you can ensure its progress without dealing with handlers or middle men.

With a skilled, professional team on hand we can guarantee the careful handling of your containers. Whether being used by your business or privately, this is the most effective way of transporting and storing bulk items. Whether inventory for a business or personal belongings transported for your move overseas, these container options let you invest in high quality space that will protect your items over a long period of time.

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