What is the difference between freight and cargo?

Cargo and freight have a lot in common but also have significant differences. They are both terms used for transporting goods.

Freight is the term used when goods are loaded and transported on trucks or trains. This is the main reason  there are freight trains and trucks. This term is also used for the payment made for the transportation of goods. Freight can mean many things but all involve the transportation of goods. This can be anything from the products, the amount payable or monetary charges. Freight can also include cargo being transported via truck, train, ship or plane. The only thing that can’t be considered as freight is mail.

Cargo is a term used when goods are loaded and transported on ship or plane. This is where cargo ships and cargo planes get their name from as they transport cargo. Mail Transported by train or ship can be considered as cargo. The containers used to transport these goods are also known as cargo.

Although both are terms used for transportation the terms function differently. The main difference is the usage of the terms freight and cargo. Any fees that are charged by the transport carrier, whether by ship, plane, train or truck, are often called freight Changes.

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